3 Tips for Creative Branding

A good creative branding strategy could mean huge things for your brand. In an industry where standing out amongst the crowd is the name of the game, you won’t want to miss these tips!

In today’s competitive industry, if you don’t have a solid social media strategy, you’re not going to get noticed. Not only should your content be regularly posted and on a range of platforms, but the quality of the content should be at the top of its game. So, when coming up with a new creative branding strategy, your social media presence should seriously be considered. The first step is to update your social media profiles and get rid of any extra or inactive accounts you no longer want to use. The only accounts that should be used should solely post accurate and attractive content that aligns closely with your brand’s most current goals. Next, it’s important to remember that audiences vary greatly from platform to platform. The people who are checking out your content on LinkedIn are likely to be totally different to those who follow you on Instagram. So, make sure your content platform-appropriate! Mix up the format for different platforms, and do your research to understand the best practices for each of the top platforms. What’s worked before, and what hasn’t? Finally, hire help if you need to! Today, most bands will reach out to social media experts to create a strategy for them as (as we all know) it’s a minefield out there. The latest trends are constantly evolving and it goes without saying that Gen-Z and Millennials are tough crowds to please. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and it’s likely you’ll reap the rewards.


As previously mentioned, the new generations with their ever-increasing spending power are hard to impress. They know what they want, and they know how they want it. Gen-Z and Millennials have been found to be far more environmentally and socially conscious than their preceding generations, Gen-X and the Baby Boomers. For this reason, any new creative branding strategy must keep these ideas in mind, making sure the plans align closely with the values that the latest groups of consumers hold. Environmentally, it’s all about sourcing your products sustainable and carbon-offsetting where possible. Similarly to social media, thorough research will be imperative for this stage of planning your new creative branding strategy. Remember, consumers can research companies more easily than ever before. There’s really no place to hide so it’s important to make sure your strategy follows all of the correct protocol! Being socially responsible is also a key factor when it comes to spending power for Gen-Z and Millennials. If you’re not being diverse, inclusive and progressive – they won’t be interested (and rightly so!). Incorporating these three things into your strategy will help your brand connect with your audience on a deeper level, ultimately gaining more customers and paving the way for positive future progress!


This goes without saying, but using Influencers to promote your brand or product has proven to be a hugely effective and often cost-effective marketing strategy. Not only will working with an Influencer help build trust and integrity for your brand, but you’ll be able to reach pretty much any audience that your heart desires. If you think of a niche, no matter how small, there will be an Influencer that knows exactly what they want – and how to give it to them! With plenty of content opportunities and more technology available than ever, Influencer Marketing will allow brands to extend their reach and drive results through curated content that speaks directly to their target audience. Metrics and statistics can also be monitored carefully throughout campaigns, so you can see exactly where your money is going. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to the power that an Influencer Marketing campaign can have for creative strategies. So, what are you waiting for?

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