Social Media News Roundup (September 25)

Unveiling Influencer Marketing Trends: YouTube's AI Integration, TikTok's Google Test, Threads' Edit Feature, and X's Circles Farewell

YouTube's Emphasis on AI Takes Center Stage

YouTube is doubling down on its efforts to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). The platform is set to witness a surge in content creation, driven in part by the integration of generative AI technology. During a recent creator event, YouTube unveiled an array of AI-powered tools, including features like customizable backgrounds and video topic recommendations.

TikTok's Unique Integration of Google Search Results

TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, is currently in the testing phase of a fascinating feature. Some TikTok users have reported the appearance of Google Search results directly within the app when conducting searches. This development comes at a particularly interesting juncture, coinciding with the ongoing Google antitrust case.

Threads Navigates the Edit Feature

Meta's social media app, Threads, is currently in the process of testing a highly anticipated "Edit" button. If this feature makes its way to the public release, it will empower users to make modifications to their posts within a five-minute window after publishing. The revelation of this potential feature comes from developer Alessandro Paluzzi on X.

X Bids Farewell to Circles

In a recent announcement, X, the company behind a variety of digital services, has made the decision to discontinue its Circles feature. Circles allowed users to share their posts exclusively with select groups, rather than broadcasting them to their entire follower base. X has confirmed that Circles will cease to function after the upcoming October 31st deadline.

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