We Went to Our First Pretty Little Marketer Event!

What. A. Night! On Tuesday, The Good Egg team were lucky enough to attend (and sponsor!) the flawless Pretty Little Marketer Event in London. Everything from the panel and the guests to the food and the venue were absolutely perfect - and totally on brand.

With over 100 attendees, the event couldn’t have gone more smoothly and it was clear that everybody was loving every minute. For many, it was their first time at a networking event, which we all know can be hugely nerve wracking! But, of course, Sophie made everybody feel at home and tonnes of new friends and connections were made. The panel, ‘Thriving on Social Media in 2023’ was made up of the incredible Daisy Morris from The Selfhood, Head of Content for Steven Bartlett Grace Andrews, PLM’s Sophie and The Good Egg’s very own Founder Nat and covered some of the hottest industry topics today. Influencer Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Brand Strategy, you name it, they talked about it!

So, what did we see from the panel? Some of the key topics involved the significance of working hard to build and maintain a strong community online, the importance of perseverance in the creative industry and their personal experiences in the marketing world - as well as some of the times where it hasn’t quite gone to plan. The panellists filled the audience in with the brands that they think have been KILLING it in recent years, where we see a huge shout out to Gymshark, Sephora, and Oatly for their groundbreaking marketing tactics. It doesn’t just stop there, though! The panellists also gave their top tips on how to be ‘on it’ with the latest trends, as well as giving their takes on the marketing tactics that they predicted won't survive 2023’s competitive climate (hint: it’s not looking good for promotional posting!). And, of course, the panellists were asked that burning question of, ‘Where you think the future of Influencer Marketing is heading?’, a question that had some very different, but always insightful, answers.

We’re so proud to have sponsored the event with Gigged.AI and we really hope that everyone enjoyed taking home their very own TGE tote bag. Thank you so much to Sophie for organising such a flawless event, it couldn’t have gone any better and we can’t wait for the next event. Watch this space!

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