What did October see for The Good Egg?

As we dived head first into Q4, October was a busy month for all of us at The Good Egg!

Exhibiting at the Influencer Marketing Show 2022 has got to be up there as a top highlight for us in the last month. As our second year in a row exhibiting, the stakes were high and we were keen to make the best impression possible! Of course, we loved every minute of it and met loads of exciting new people and even some new potential clients! Alongside exhibiting, we’re proud to say that our Founder Nat led one of the most popular panels of the day – and of course absolutely smashed it. Together with three other top industry voices, Nat hosted the panel for ‘Offline and Creator Brands – How Can Creators Safeguard by Being More Than Their Online Offering’, an honest and frank talk about all things Creator safety. The talk had one of the biggest turnouts of the day, and the speakers were praised for being hugely informative in an honest and genuine way. We can’t wait to go again next year!


We’ve also got some big news about the content that’s going to be heading your way soon. Not only has Nat been awarded a place on the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Programme, but we’re also Dream Factory’s newest members! This means big changes are coming to the ways that we create our content, as well as the types of content. Kicking off with the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program, a 6-week program where participants bring new concepts and visions to life, helping to grow their audience and engage in the LinkedIn community, as well as supporting creators on LinkedIn through coaching, recognition, and resources. Expect to see us seriously upping our video game alongside an entire content revamp, as we’ll be taking a fresh look at all of our favourite content types. Next, Dream Factory! As new members, we are now able to create some top of the range video and photography content in their awesome Shoreditch studio, as well as branching out to our new ventures such as starting our very own podcast! We’ll be inviting various guests throughout the upcoming month and will be sharing our voice about all of the topics that are close to our hearts, including mental health awareness, entrepreneurship, and inclusion to mention a few!



Of course, we’re always powering on with our international campaigns. With a busy few months ahead of us, we’ve been working hard to make sure our ongoing campaigns are running smoothly, whilst working hard on creative decks for our new projects. We’re currently working hard on one of our biggest campaigns to date with Visit Oman, a project that involves working with loads of incredible mid to macro-influencers. As the campaign is centred around (and runs all the way through! the World Cup, we’ve definitely got some busy times ahead of us!


Last but not least, every month we share one of our top Influencer Marketing Hacks. This month, our hacks demonstrate some of our key tips for succeeding as a remote team. Working remotely can be a challenge – there’s no doubt about that. But, the advantages can also be huge. With the right support network and team values, working remotely can make work far more relaxing, flexible and above all, successful! Our first key tip is to remember that communication is key. Without a solid line of communication with each other, it’s inevitable that important things are going to be lost. Whether it’s a video call, email or simply an online instant message, make sure everybody is always in the know! We recommend using specific applications such as Slack or Monday to divide personal and professional life and unify communications. Another one of our top hacks is to be as flexible as possible. If you’re not flexible as a remote team – it simply won’t work. It’s important to remember most people will have very different living situations and working environments. And, if they’re anything like us, they can even be working in entirely different time zones. The key here is to be patient with one another, as you never know what could be going on behind the screen.