What has TGE been up to?

It’s been a busy summer for The Good Egg – here are some of our highlights from the past few months!

One of our highlights of the summer has got to be our online seminar we ran through LinkedIn called ‘WHAT THE F* IS INFLUENCER MARKETING’. You can probably guess by the name, but we set out to teach anybody who was interested more about this crazy thing called influencer marketing. Our Founder and CEO Nat presented alongside Instagram’s Creator Marketing EMEA Ana Thorsdottir where they discussed all things creative marketing – from how to improve your core skills to how to work effectively with IM agencies. The turnout was great and the reviews, well, they couldn’t have been better. Due to the seminar being such a success, we are even planning some further online LinkedIn courses to be run this Autumn! Nat and our Creative Strategist Javi will be running short online courses to teach people about different aspects of influencer marketing in more depth, and, as a bilingual agency they will be running in both Spanish and English!


We ran an event for JYSK Spain! And, it’s safe to say that it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Earlier this month, we ran a hugely successful event in Madrid for JYSK, with the help of four incredible lifestyle and parenting creators. Our goal was to create a JYSK house with the intention of honouring the true meaning of ‘home’. We made sure there was no hard selling and no corporate messages – just a purely friendly gathering with creators and their followers. Brand image at its best! The event worked by inviting our four lifestyle and parenting creators to decorate four homely spaces. One space was a “hall”, then a lounge, a children’s bedroom and, finally, a main bedroom – showcasing their personality through the pieces (we gave the creators total freedom to create a space that truly inspired them). Following the decor and content filming, we organised a meet and greet with the creators’ followers, invited through the influencers’ channels (by invite only!) to come and experience the JYSK House in person. As the rooms in the JYSK house were designed by the guests’ favourite creators, the event genuinely felt like a friendly gathering. Everyone congratulated the team on the success of the organisation and the sentiment was 100% positive!  For this event to run as smoothly as it did, The Good Egg worked on the concept as well as total execution – including all graphic materials, guidance, briefing, hand holding of the talents, f&b organisation, logistics and content direction. What’s even more exciting is that This is just the beginning! Through this event we have demonstrated that not only can we create purely digital campaigns, but we’re also pretty damn good at organising experiences, too.


We just want to shout this one from the rooftops – we’ve done it again! As the second major award we’ve won in the past 6 months, we really couldn’t be prouder. Just last week our Founder Nat was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 by the National StartUp Series! As you probably know by now, though, we are a hugely international team – so in typical TGE fashion, Nat wasn’t in the U.K. to receive her award. Instead, Social Media Manager Julia went to Box Park Wembley on the 8th of September to represent Nat and to bring home the goods! There was some seriously fierce competition, too. Nat was up against every type of start up you can think of, including dining experiences, technology recruitment agencies and even consulting companies. As influencer marketing is a relatively new concept compared to some of these well established industries – we are even more keen to shout about it. Additionally, as an entirely remote and international team this is no small feat, and we’re over the moon that Nat’s dedication to our (small but mighty!) company hasn’t gone unnoticed. Watch this space, though, as we have our eyes on a few more prizes being announced later this year!